Countdown to Election in StrongEnough (Monster Warlord, Global 1, Guild)

2014-07-12 00:04:49 by veentagedoo

Hi there! Veentagedoo has a super-exciting event that StrongEnough can willing happy!

Celebration of a Countdown! Be note, 5pm in the afternoon (July 12, 2014) will be begin. Ready?

Countdown to Election (StrongEnough Guild) - Manila Zone (Phillipine Time).

Elders must be strong because veentagedoo selects 9 Elders in the Guild who willing the Guild Officers. The video will help you increase your damage, and be careful, the COMBINING! 

Rules here:

  • Don't include "$3 for Trunk of Gem in DragonVale Message for more info". This is non-related game and his task. Install the game and do his task!
  • Don't forget to add the alliance code in the video. Alliances may help in the battle (Rivals, Bounty and Revenge). 
  • Don't forget to follow: Comment, Rate, Subscribe! This make him happy.
  • Don't forget to watch all Monster Warlord videos by this channel.

Follow the rules given from the video.

And... Atleast this photo shows how you can vote:


Steps on how to see and apply the StrongEnough Guild:

  • Install the Monster if you don't have. It is free! Look at the picture below what the sentence is all about.


  • Play Monster Warlord, for sure!
  • Make sure you are in Global 1. If you are in Global 2, Asia or Korea, please switch it on Global 1.
  • Go to the Guild (There is a flag).
  • Go to Search Guild
  • Search StrongEnough
  • If you see the StrongEnough, visit.

These steps on how to apply the StrongEnough:

  • If there only 1-29 spaces in the Guild, kindly apply.
  • And please, don't be leave!


Rules you can show respect to the Guild Officers:

  1. You don't need to banned the Guild Officers. Look at the Guild chat who are the Guild Officers.
  2. If the leader is busy, you should help also the Guild Officers.
  3. You don't need to chat these: Bad words, About to Bully, and many more that not polite. You should chat that it is only polite.
  4. You need to say to the Guild Officers that they won't leave the Guild. Guild Officers may help the leader do the job. Guild Officers is also important in StrongEnough Guild. Not only StrongEnough Guild but any Guilds in the Monster Warlord.


If the countdown begins, nomination day is active. Nominees who become Guild Officers is posted at this news post. The Nomination Day will begin if the leader wants a type of the officer. (It must have 20 Elders to be voted). You will vote a Nominee that you like to vote. And please, you don't need to scared! From StrongEnough members are also voting.

NG users has to vote 1 Nominee.

2 out of 5 Elders (2 Elders has most Nominated from other users) will be the Recruiters. (5 Elders who wants to be Recruiters).

- Recruiters must have a job to type the name of Guild, the status, and even how many unoccupied rooms.


3 out of 5 Elders (3 Elders has most Nominated from other users) will be the Co-Leaders. (5 Elders who wants to be Co-Leaders).

- Co-Leaders must have a job to announce the events that veentagedoo has a event to type at his/her profile chat. They would copy veentagedoo's Guild event to the Guild chat.


2 out of 5 Elders (2 Elders has most Nominated from other users) will be the Secruity Guards. (5 Elders who wants to be Secruity Guards).

- Secruity Guards are partner with Inviters. Secruity Guards must have a job to banned (level 14 or below) that Inviters failed to do. They are also Promote and Demote Members/Elders. 


2 out of 5 Elders (2 Elders has most Nominated from other users) will be the Inviters. (5 Elders who wants to be Inviters).

- Inviters are partner with Secruity Guards. Inviters must have a job to accept requests from any players who willing to join the Guild. Inviters will accept if they are level 15 or above.


Since there are only 20 Nominees in all, I am so sorry. We've prepared to get the Nomination Set. Don't worry! You have 24 hours/1 day to vote to select 9 out of 20 Elders become a Guild Officer! We will announce soon to vote who will be.


Goodluck, players! Vote wisely! Enjoy playing Monster Warlord! ~ veentagedoo (Mayname-likes-Monster-Warlord)



5029654_140958117592_35335g9.pngNote: Veentagedoo will posted the Nomination Set when 20 Nominees set up to the vote. You will decided which of 20 Nominees will you vote. 20 Nominees has a vote. No 0% of votes will be shown. Comments will be open for veentagedoo's announcements in this Guild.



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2014-07-12 00:12:42

Don't forget to play the video! More videos by Monster Warlord, Steps on how to see more videos:

1. Go to
2. Search "Monster Warlord"

And, you've gonna to enjoy those videos! Be note, follow: Comment, Rate, and Subscribe also!

~ StrongEnough Leader (Mayname)

Rules on using the comment:

- Wait until the full set of Nominees has been ready.
- Vote wherever are they. Choose 1 Nominee to vote! Vote here on NG!

Goodluck StrongEnough Members! We've ready to the election! Selected Elders are being Nominated for the Nomination Day. See you soon! ~ veentagedoo (Mayname-likes-Monster-Warlord)


2014-07-12 10:40:42

Great news!

One Elder in StrongEnough is being asked to me "I want to be a officer". Then, I almost to get him as a Nominee.

And... If 20 Elders are Nominees, we asked that we have few days to vote. On Entry #13 will post the Nomination Set with 20 Nominees so there you can vote.

Veentagedoo has a 5 days to vote for 20 Elders and 9 Elders became a Guild Officer.

We've surely work that! Don't worry! We can wait for others to be a Nominee. Thus, it will take too long. Maybe I can help them... :)

Vote wisely, enjoy and goodluck StrongEnough members! ~ veentagedoo (StrongEnough leader ~ another name for Mayname-likes-Monster-Warlord)

Veentagedoo has been played a game called Dragons World HD! Download and take challenge to Game Center! Downloaded 5-16 hours ago.

Have Fun! Download Monster Warlord to be a Monster Warlord master! See you soon!


2014-08-03 07:13:31

News for all users:

Look at the bold and underlined words. As you can see, NO 0% PERCENTAGE OF VOTES will be shown. All of users needed to be voted aside from 20 Nominees shown.

We can find another chance for it!

Veetagedoo has 10 Gamevil games!

Third Installment of Warlord Series, Fantasy Warlord, which it is the newest game with the another Warlord Series, Monster Warlord. (2 Warlord Series I downloaded)

Zenonia 5, and 4 (Zenonia 3,2 and 1 are not available in the App Store. Maybe those app causes million users is downloaded or those apps were oldest).

Arel Wars 2, with the 2 Kingdom games, Kaizin Rumble, and Chef de Bubble.

Newest 2 apps that I downloded to: Spirit Stones and the newest app Kritika: Chaos Unleashed.

~ Icon shown by me is the app of Fantasy Warlord. Take on the links and see the Events and Gameplay of Fantasy Warlord!

Have Fun playing Fantasy Warlord! ~ veentagedoo (Mayname-likes-Monster-Warlord or Artika-likes-Fantasy Warlord. Artika stands for Mayname's closing friend).


2014-09-01 10:17:21

News Update! (Must read all StrongEnough members)

Veentagedoo is signing out the Monster Warlord for a while because the bugs were coming to her. I been deleted for it, and past few weeks, I been restore it. Elders, kindly help! Promote members to Elders, accept them if they are level 15+, and see Guild Chat everyday who is replying my comment there.

Be note, I am almost ready because I need to install it but Monster Warlord and Dragons World were downloading together and it cause to keep stop downloading. Because of it, Dragons World has a update for it.

Fantasy Warlord is here! Enjoy your day! See you soon!
~ veentagedoo (Mayname-likes-Monster-Warlord) - on Newgrounds (here, it's me)
WarlordAtilla89 (MaTTer-oF-AtillA89) - on Kongregate
Izanagi12-likes-Monster-Warlord - on Wikia