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Hi there! Monster Warlord is celebrating 2nd Anniversary! Look at the Gamevil Forums (The next post will be announced) for more info! Happy Anniversary, Monster Warlord!

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Monster Warlord -

2014-11-22 01:54:45 by veentagedoo

Hi there! Veentagedoo is making a post that new monsters made from Halloween (Sorry, it is late), and the update Chapter 1-4 Update: Light and Shadow! This game needs an update, so please update it before you will play this game.

What I am doing from the past? I am just playing Mini Carnival!!!!!! It is so cute! Plus, I love the monster in this game, Gwen!

See the information below up to bottom!


Chapter 1-4 Update: Light and Shadow

Expected Update Time: 10/27 10 PM PDT

Chapter 1-4: The Light and Shadow update is finally here!
With an update of this magnitude, Monster Warlord is evolving to the next level.
Are you ready? Here we go!

Chapter 1-4 Update Summary
1. Epic Boss Battle: The most badass boss Monster Warlord has ever seen!
2. Rune Awakening System: Make your monsters stronger by awakening them with runes!
3. Lucky Roulette: Spin the roulette once a day for free!
4. Main UI Renewal: A neat and clean new main UI!
5. New Dark/Holy Monsters: Halloween Dark/Holy monsters are coming to Monster Warlord!
6. 2 Halloween Unique monsters: Don't underestimate these two monsters! They grow immensely powerful during theHalloween season!

Chapter 1-4 Update Celebration Event Lineup

[Critical Epic Boss Battle]
10/30 - 10/31

[Special Arena]
10/27/2014 - 11/3

[Halloween Attack]
10/27/2014 - 11/3 7 PM PDT

[Halloween Collection]
10/27/2014 - 11/3 7 PM PDT

[Chapter 1-4 Collection]
10/27/2014 - 11/3 7 PM PDT

Chapter 1-4 Update Details

1. What is the Epic Boss Battle? It includes a brand new type of raid boss with exciting critical attacks that spurs competition between guilds.

Epic Boss Battle start time differs per server and it runs once a week. When you enter, your strongest monsters for each element are selected automatically to participate in the battle.

Epic Boss Battle Start Time
KOREA: Every Friday at 12 AM PDT
ASIA: Every Friday at 12 AM PDT
Global1: Every Friday at 8 AM PDT
Global2: Every Friday at 8 AM PDT

(This photo below is Monster Roster. This profile is by Ra.)

Epic Boss Battle is divided into three main sections: Scouts, Middle Boss, and Main Boss. The difficulty level of the Scouts and Middle Boss sections differ based on your level.


If you or your team is unable to defeat the Scout or the Middle Boss, other teams might get to the Main Boss earlier than you, so watch out!

When battling the Epic Boss, you use Attack Points (AP) which inflicts damage as well as fills up the critical gauge. There's always a chance for Critical Attack, but once the critical gauge fills up, the next hit after that is a guaranteed Critical. *Attacking 50 AP using Jewels will always fill up the critical gauge to the max.

Once the critical attack starts, the Epic Boss's weakness is revealed for you to tap. Start a combo by tapping a weakness and creating a chain of attack!


When you defeat the Epic Boss, there are special rewards! Such as for Finishers and guild buffs based on the guild damage contribution ranking!

2. What is the Rune Awakening System? Runes are the all-new way of making your monsters stronger!

A monster can be awakened up to 3 times using runes. The affected stats and amount differ per type of rune used. Certain runes are more beneficial for certain elements so choose wisely.

When applying runes to a group of the same monster, the amount of runes required remains the same and the awakening effect is applied to all monsters of that group. 

And once a monster is awakened, the game will remember the awakened stats even when you no longer own the monster. If you do obtain the same monster later, the game will automatically apply the previously awakened stats.

3. What is Lucky Roulette? Every day you get a chance to spin the roulette wheel!
Come in and spin the roulette (once free daily) to get nice rewards! If you're feeling lucky, you can also use Jewels to spin it again!

4. Main UI Renewal: Are you tired of the same old main screen? We're giving the UI a fresh new look!
We wanted to organize the icons and simplify things, such as accessing the Giftbox. Check it out now!

5. Dark/Holy Monsters added
We give you the long-awaited Dark and Holy monsters for the top 3 tiers! 2 regular and 1 plus Dark/Holy monsters have been added to the Infinite, Mystic, Eternal tiers.

On top of that, these spooky monsters were created specifically to be released for Halloween!

Holy Monsters













Dark Monsters





The Mercy






Gwen (My favorite monster! Full of effects, and cool effects.)


6. Halloween Unique Monster: To top it off, we're adding 2 brand new Halloween Unique monsters!



On any other day, these monsters don't have strong stats. However, they will come alive around Halloween. Check out the event announcement for more information.

*When the Hallowen event ends, the stats for these Unique monsters will revert back to their normal stats.

Chapter 1-4 Update Celebration Event

[Critical Epic Boss battle]
10/30 - 10/31

Critical damage is increased to normal damage x 3! (Regular Rate: critical damage = normal damage x 2)
The chance of hitting twice in a row is increased!
Attack Point recharges by 2 points! (Regular Rate: 1 point)

[Special Arena]
10/27/2014 - 11/3

During the event, you can earn double the Honor Points from the Arena!

Arena Event Reward:
Rank 1: 2000 Honor Points
Rank 2-5: 1200 Honor Points
Rank 6-10: 1000 Honor Points
Rank 11-50: 800 Honor Points
Rank 51-110: 600 Honor Points
Rank 111 - 200: 400 Honor Points
Top 10%: 200 Honor Points
Top 20%: 160 Honor Points
Top 30%: 120 Honor Points
Top 40%: 80 Honor Points
Top 50%: 40 Honor Points
All: 20 Honor Points

[Halloween Attack]
10/27/2014 - 11/3 7 PM PDT

Don't underestimate the Halloween Unique monsters!
They transform during the week of Halloween!

Until 11/3 7 PM PDT, the Halloween Unique monsters will have the following spooky stats.

Unique (Event)

Unique (Event)

These Unique monsters can only be found through Lucky Roulette so don't forget to spin it every day! (Ended. The monsters you bought at the roulette during the event is already yours. But, they are Unique and they always participates in battles, it is limited edition!!)

*After the event ends, the stats for the Halloween Unique monsters will revert back to normal.

[Halloween Collection]
10/27/2014 - 11/3 7 PM PDT

Collect as many Jacks and Wendys as possible! We'll give you Jewels based on who collects the most!

Rewards given for the number of collected Halloween Unique Monsters (Wendy and Jack)
Rank 1: 240 Jewels
Rank 2-10: 120 Jewels
Rank 11-100: 60 Jewels
Participation Reward (More than 5 collected): 30 Jewels
Collecting more than 5 qualifies for a participation reward of 30 Jewels!

*The ranks will be tallied up per server.
*Rewards will be distributed by 11/21.

[Chapter 1-4 Collection]
10/27/2014 - 11/3 7 PM PDT
Try to collect the new monsters that have been added to the top 3 tiers!
Collect the new monsters from the top 3 tiers and get rewards based on the number of monsters collected!

Rewards for the number of collected Eternal monsters
2-3 Eternal monsters: 500 Jewels
4-5 Eternal monsters: 1100 Jewels
6+ Eternal monsters: 2100 Jewels

Rewards for the number of collected Mystic monsters
2-3 Mystic monsters: 250 Jewels
4-5 Mystic monsters: 500 Jewels
6+ Mystic monsters: 750 Jewels

Rewards for the number of collected Infinite monsters
2-3 Infinite monsters: 125 Jewels
4-5 Infinite monsters: 250 Jewels
6+ Infinite monsters: 375 Jewels

*Rewards will be distributed by 11/21.
*Players can receive separate rewards for new monsters collected on each tier.
*Only the monsters added in this update will count as part of the collection. Monsters collected prior will not count.

Enjoy!!! ~ veentagedoo (Mayname-likes-Monster-Warlord)



~ Note: The Christmas edition of my profile will be soon posted! I am working now to finish it! :)

Next: Dragons World (Download now for FREE!

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