New Event from Monster Warlord - Egg Lotto Event Results (From May 31, 2014)

2014-05-08 01:06:37 by veentagedoo

Hi there, I have a news here. New Event is on Monster Warlord by Gamevil Inc. is Egg Lotto! Comments are disabled here in Newgrounds. You will comment here at and be sure you will being sign in.

What will do here?

- Be note: Illegal / abnormal gameplay? You won't receive the rewards.

----> Rewards after the event ( June 8, 2014 )

Total Winning Prize (Global 1 / Global 2 / Asia / Korea)

Reward per Winner : 5,555,555 Jewels / # of winners with 25 + Fortune Monster Egg purchases

ONE winner from each server will receive 1,500 Jewels Jackpot!

Rewards will be given by 6/8 PDT.


Egg Lotto Rewards has been announce to Warlords who reciever a 1,500 Jewels Jackpot!

1 Player on their server (ex. Nikko is been winning from Egg Lotto, he is on Global Server, so he recieves 1,500 Jewels Jackpot. So, he has 2,460 Jewels total). 

See there who's getting 2,460 Jewels total! Be notice over 6,100 - 7,000 players (From all servers, Players will get this during May 2014) has been distrubuted 860 jewels from the Players who buy 25 Fortune Eggs as usual. See Gamevil Forums who's getting 1,500 Jewels! 


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Have Fun! Have a great day! ~ veentagedoo (Mayname-likes-Monster-Warlord)