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Hi there! Monster Warlord is celebrating 2nd Anniversary! Look at the Gamevil Forums (The next post will be announced) for more info! Happy Anniversary, Monster Warlord!

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Hi there! veentagedoo wants to celebrate you the 2nd Anniversary of Monster Warlord!

(EDITED VERSION): The results of the poll is added. But, I will also post some people who want to response their monster to be them. Next edit will be extended for Tommy.

What it is inside? 

It is with Chapter 1-2: Stormy Seas and the event. What are the events?

Look below.

Chapter 1-2: Monster Warlord 2nd Anniversary Crazy Festival 

To all Warlords! Monster Warlord’s 2nd Anniversary is finally here!

We can’t tell you how grateful we are to have awesome players like you enjoying Monster Warlord.
YOU made it all possible for us to be here.

To show our gratitude, we’ve prepared new monsters and amazing events to properly celebrate the 2nd Anniversary. 
Let the festival begin!

9/17 5 PM PDT – 9/23 5:00 PM PDT

Chapter 1-2: Stormy Seas Monster Update

New monsters of the the Eternal, Mystic, and Infinite tiers have been added.
*The Monster Update will be done without a maintenance at 9/17 6 PM PDT

It will post on next post except Tommy and Semi The Hollow. Below after the event stats.

2nd Anniversary Event LineUp

[Infinite+ Giveaway]
9/22 5 PM – 9/23 5 PM PDT

[Monster Giveaway]
9/17 7 PM – 9/22 5 PM PDT

[Jewel Party]
9/17 5 PM – 9/23 5 PM PDT

[Test Your Fortune]
9/17 5 PM – 9/18 5 PM PDT

[It’s a good day to combine]
9/18 5 PM – 9/19 5 PM PDT

[Time For Change]
9/19 5 PM – 9/21 5 PM PDT

[Bonus Jewel Charge]
9/20 5 PM – 9/22 5 PM PDT

[New Monster Collection]
9/17 – 9/23 5 PM PDT

Event Breakdown

<<Daily Giveaway Events>>

[Infinite+ Giveaway]
On 9/22 5 PM PDT we will be giving out newly designed INFINITE+ MONSTER!
It’s only available for 24 hours so don’t miss out!

We're also running a poll event to choose which one to give! It'll be chosen between two monsters that are being added on this update. If you'd like your voice to be heard, click the picture below.

* Giveaway monsters are redeemable from your giftbox at the time of event upon login. If you do not login to the game during the event time or not claim it in your giftbox, you won’t be able to receive this gift.

[Monster Giveaway]
9/17 7 PM – 9/22 5 PM PDT

Get a FREE LIMITED TIME Unique Monster for every day you log in starting at 5 PM PDT every day from 9/17 – 9/21!

* Giveaway monsters are redeemable from your giftbox at the time of event upon login. If you do not login to the game during the event time or not claim it in your giftbox, you won’t be able to receive this gift.

[Jewel Party]
9/17 5 PM – 9/23 5 PM PDT
On top of monsters, we’re giving 100 FREE Jewels for every day you log in starting at 5 PM PDT!
That’s a total of 600 Jewels! Be sure to check your inbox each day!

* Giveaway Jewels are redeemable from your giftbox at the time of event upon login. If you do not login to the game during the event time or not claim it in your giftbox, you won’t be able to receive this gift.

<<Hot Time Crazy Deals & Events>>

[Test Your Fortune]
9/17 5 PM – 9/18 5 PM PDT
Fortune Egg is 40% OFF! (18 jewels compared to 30)
Use this opportunity to get Fortune Eggs at a bargain price and expand your Monster collection!

[It’s a good day to combine]
9/18 5 PM – 9/19 5 PM PDT
9/18 5 PM – 9/19 8 PM PDT (For Global Server Only)
Take advantage of this super combine event and make the strongest monster possible! 

Regular Combine Success Rate 25% UP
Special Combine Jewel Fee 40% Off
Regular Combine Gold Fee 30% Off
Monster Recover Fee 30% Off
2-Tier Monster Upgrade Chance UP
Plus Monster Acquisition Rate UP

[Time For Change]
9/19 5 PM – 9/21 5 PM PDT
50% off change-related items and more! Don’t delay, this sale ends 9/20 5 PM!
Event Items:
Name Change (15)
Class Change (15)
Reset Skills (100)

[New Monster Collection]
9/17 – 9/23 5 PM PDT
Try to collect the new monsters that have been added to the top 3 tiers!
Collect the new monsters from the top 3 tiers and get rewards according to the number of monsters collected!

Rewards given for the number of collected Eternal monsters
2-3 Eternal monsters: 500 Jewels
4-5 Eternal monsters: 1000 Jewels
6+ Eternal monsters: 1500 Jewels

Rewards given for the number of collected Mystic monsters
2-3 Mystic monsters: 250 Jewels
4-5 Mystic monsters: 500 Jewels
6+ Mystic monsters: 750 Jewels

Rewards given for the number of collected Infinite monsters
2-3 Infinite monsters: 125 Jewels
4-5 Infinite monsters: 250 Jewels
6+ Infinite monsters: 375 Jewels

*Rewards will be sent out by 10/15.
*Players can get separate rewards for the new monsters collected on each tier.
*Only the monsters added in this update will count as part of the collection. Monsters collected previously will not count.
*Infinite+ monster gained from the event will also count toward the collection event.
*The collection event rewards are calculated based on the number of monsters players are holding at the end time of the event.


Which the one you can get? Tommy or Semi The Hollow? They are both Infinite+ so they can be Giveaway from September 22. Click each picture below (Tommy or either Semi The Hollow) to get to the web of voting. 


Name: Tommy
Type: Water
Attack: 167,037,812
Defense: 266,023,181
Leader Effect: Stamina Recharge 40 second reduced
Skill: Icy Hug

Semi The Hollow

Name: Semi The Hollow
Type: Wind/Air
Attack: 294,893,914
Defense: 160,851,226
Leader Effect: Monster in battle increase: 400
Skill: Fluidize

Be note, Infinite+ Giveaway was expired and no time to get it starting September 24. All users online from 1 day at September 22 will get it. Which monster will get for them? Look at picture below and see which monster is given to them. And also, the monster with highest votes will be here by the Members of Gamevil Forums with there responses why they like them. But some of them want Tommy.

The skill of each monster "Tommy, Icy Hug and Semi The Hollow, Fluidize" are used in Arena. Not for battles but only Arena.

5029654_141173785143_2u8a4qs.jpgIt is Semi The Hollow! Mostly people want Semi The Hollow because of..... (Lots of people want to explain, but most of them response "Semi The Hollow".) Here some of them have explain why but they are best.

Semi The Hollow all the way!!! ~ KhalDrogo

Semi The Hollow Is more beautyful and my attack is increassed more. ~ Neko1993

Semi the Hollow Sorry, I'm choosing the cooler looking one since I don't need Water. ~ Kumevo

Semi of course. I am still normal not some robot nerd ~ VanBuyten

Obviusly Semi the hollow (I like only for the nameits like bleach xdd) ~ iReyzahk

Semi the Hollow just because it's a dope character. ~ JohnDoe

i vote for semi the hollow. simply because it wouldnt be fair to give new players 40 sec recharge on their stamina. it would be unfair to other players who worked hard for their mystic (40 sec recgarge) or eternal (45 sec recharge). ~ Valkur

Dear god it should be obvious...Semi all the way. Water timers are unimportant when compared to how awesome your monster can look! ~ Dnoaht

Semi the hollow , but I wouldn't mind if it was Tommy... ~ (LGND)☆Dr☆

semi the hollow <3 but i want the water too for collection T,T ~ onichan

Semi is way more awesome than Tommy but i'm not gonna use her for the leader even if she is soooooo cool. I only have 1 S Perseus and nothing to combine to get a water infinite so i'll choose Tommy... but it's a robot and I hate stuff like that... **** ! I don't know which one i'll choose. ~ Heith

I like wind+ semi the hollow.. like high damage ~ 5kuy@

Semi the hollow. Lot cooler and fair ~ gto1

İ would like to get semi the hollow it looks great :-) ~ mohip

And other people can explain why they choose Semi The Hollow. For the next edit, some people are also voting for Tommy. But they also explain why they choose Tommy, some of it are the best explain. See you soon! If you want to visit them, click each person's name, and you process to their account in Gamevil Forums.

To be continued... See you soon! veentagedoo (Mayname-likes-Monster-Warlord)




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Mini Carnival Interview - Part 1

(The New Monsters' Stats has been deleted for some reasons. Why?)

1. It take too long to post. Because it is full of pictures, I need to upload them. It takes too long to upload.

2. It may exit the "Make a New Post", because it is full of adviserments, and I have a chance to exit this post. Kindly please save it or remind me before exit the post. It is really unfair if it is not finished, really back to the beginning. It is my LAST CHANCE for it!

And... Goodbye! ~ Mayname aka veentagedoo ~

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